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Statistics indicate that only about 1 in 5 homeschoolers attend a homeschool convention. Realizing you could easily be one who won't make it to a convention, we created a virtual Sonlight booth. You can learn more about Sonlight without leaving your home.

Sonlight Virtual Booth
Sonlight's Virtual Booth

Here's my dilemma: Stats for convention attendance are low, but the stats for the virtual booth are even lower. Why?

This is where I'd love your input:

If you haven't visited the Sonlight Virtual Booth, would you mind telling me why? Was it because you had no idea it existed? You don't want to visit a Sonlight booth anywhere (real or electronic)? You got all your questions answered some other way? You just figured out everyone on your own?

If you have visited the Virtual Booth, did you like it? Was it helpful? Too slow? Was the information not relevant? Confusing? Did it not work for you?

If you want to learn more about Sonlight, I do encourage you to swing by the Virtual Booth. But, if--like many before you--you'd prefer to get your information another way, you can always chat with a Sonlight Advisor or poke around the website.

Thanks for your feedback!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Empty Nester

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