Labeling Conventions

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Sonlight does attend homeschool conventions, but that's not what I'm talking about in this post.

The cursor blinks at me, oblivious to my struggle. I can't recall how I typically name these files. Are they File7-Master.mp3 or File7-master.mp3?

I close the dialog box and skim through the files I've saved in the past. Not surprisingly, I see both uppercase and lowercase examples.


Today is a lowercase day. I click "Save" and the computer writes File7-master.mp3 to my hard drive... right below File6-Master.mp3. I feel disorganized.

This is the fundamental flaw of labeling conventions: We tend to change. Thankfully, Sonlight's product labeling convention remains fairly consistent: level, subject, product number and modifier. For instance: 6R28: Core 6, Reader 28.

"Thanks nice, Luke, but why should I care about that?"

If you know the product number you're looking for from your catalog, you can quickly Order by Item Number on our website.

Also--and this is just a fun trick--you can use the Item Number to find the product on our site. Go to and then add the item number to the end of the URL:

Just be sure to get the labeling convention right. While the system is smart enough to guess that you meant RM23.html when you typed it can sometimes get confused.

Much like me. Especially when I discover that I really want to name a file with lowercase letters when I've been using CAPS all along.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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