I Joined the 21st Century!

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I'm a "Social Media Specialist" so I've been up on Blogging, Facebook, Twitter and many other things for a long while now. I'm also a media guy, so I'm up on HDV, P2, and h.264 compression as well. I also have some "state of the art" computer and camera technology.

[Aside: I'm setting myself up here. Just nod and assume I know what I'm talking about.]

But despite all of my technical knowledge and media prowess, I've been behind the times.

I've never owned a beeper, mp3 player, or a cellphone.

What? No mp3 player? No cellphone? What's next? You going to tell me that you never had a swatch either?

No. I've never been particularly cool, hip, or with it.

But today... today I have joined the 21st century.

Yep, I am now the proud owner of a slap bracelet cell phone! My wife has long had one as part of her family's family plan, and they just son-in-law'd me in. Pretty cool.

But just like every other famous celebrity, I have to be careful with my number, so I won't be posting it here (plus, I don't want to go over the plan's minutes; nothing like making the in-laws unhappy). But if you ever get a phone call from a California area code, it might just be me.

...but probably not. I'm going to be rather busy chatting with all my adoring friends who love me for my fame and fortune... since I'm cool now too.

~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

P.S. Actually, the real lesson is this: Don't bother getting something just because others are. There is no need to jump on the latest in technology or homeschooling option if what you have/are doing now is working.

My wife wants me to be more accessible in case of an emergency, so I'm happy to have a cell now. But that's it. I know peer pressure is a powerful force, even in the homeschool community; don't give in unless you have need.

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