I Can Haz Box Day Stories?

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Okay, I'm super excited: I'm working on a new little project to highlight Sonlight Box Day stories.

But to be able to do that, I need yours.

And those of your friends.


No! Not the boxes themselves; your Box Day stories! <sheesh> People thinking I want to take away their Sonlight materials... <smile>

So, please, if you have a Box Day story, send it to me! I would love pictures and video clips too (if you have them on your blog, Photobucket or YouTube account already, just send me the link; it makes it easier for me).

Send your Box Day stories--and any applicable media/links--to: lholzmann[at]sonlight.com

Don't forget to come up with a clever title for your story if you have one. If not, I'll come up with something slightly less clever but still effective.

When I've got a few stories, I'll make this thing public.

...it's gonna be awesome <smile>.

Not sure what Box Day is? Feeling lost and a little left out? Don't fret, there are a few examples of Box Day stories in my Other Posts of Note. Speaking of which, there is an article by Rebecca LuElla Miller that I think is, well, a a post of note, so give it a read.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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