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I grew up loving history. My dad was a high school American History and Shop teacher and he sparked a love for history in me that has lasted a lifetime. We traveled from Alaska to Acapulco, from California to Maine in a Suburban pulling an Airstream trailer! We stopped at all the historical monuments, climbed pyramids in Mexico, put our hands in the ruts made in solid rock by all the pioneer wagons heading west and more! Yes, history was a big part of my childhood; but it always seemed to be a  a bit irrelevant and part of the distant past.

But, as an adult, I think I understand history a little bit better. People make history--real people with real flaws make history. Sometimes it is an individual making history, like Thomas Edison  inventing the light bulb and the phonograph.

Sometimes it is a small group of people, like the the delegates to the Second  Continental Congress who adopted the  US Declaration of Independence, and sometimes it is a large group of people or a movement, such as the people involved in the Civil Rights Movement.

And that is where you come in. You are part of a movement right now, the homeschooling movement, and you are making history. As you sit around your kitchen table helping your children with math and spelling, as you sit on your couch reading  great literature, as you pass on your core beliefs while discussing what you have read--you are making history.

But it can be lonely and hard to make history. We can become discouraged and isolated and tired of the day-to-day work of history making. I know. I have been there. History makers are not usually in the majority and they walk a hard path.

And that is why I love homeschool conventions. Some people go to hear the speakers. Some go to talk to the vendors. Some go to buy materials. But me? I go to see the others who are making history with me.

My favorite part of a homeschool convention is to talk with other parents who want to give their best to their kids, who like their kids, who want a better future for their kids. It is inspiring, encouraging and down right fun to see hundreds and thousands of people who are making history along with me. As a Sonlight Consultant who has attended scores of conventions over the past 14 years, I have to say, I love homeschoolers. I love talking with them. I love seeing them roam the convention hall with their children. I just plain love them.

I just returned from a weekend in Greenwood, Indiana where I met many committed homeschooling parents. [Here I am on Thursday morning just before the doors to the convention hall opened]. It is a privilege and a joy to be able to encourage them and to be encouraged by them.  I was humbled by the stories these parents shared with me. Stories of victories in their families because of homeschooling.

If you would like to see and talk with others who are making history with you, I encourage you to attend a homeschool convention or book fair this year. You can go here to see a list of all the conventions Sonlight will be attending.

And, so you can come prepared, two other consultants and I put together  "My Homeschool Convention Survivor's Guide"  to help you get the most out of whatever convention you attend. I think you will find this free guide very helpful.

Come by the Sonlight booth to get any questions answered, speak to one of our incredible  history-making consultants and pick up your coupon, good for $15 off an order of $50 or more [expires August 31, 2012].

Take care and please, let me know what you like best about homeschool conventions.






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