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I've seen the term "emaginary friend" tossed around now and again. I'm not a huge fan of the phrase--which is odd because I'm normally all for word play and puns. But I am a huge proponent of Facebook BFFs, blog friends, WoW buddies, and any other technologically connecting opportunities for people to bless one another (yes, even texting and Twitter... even if I haven't found them particularly viable for my situation).

I was awoken at 3am this morning by one of my friends who needed to talk.

We talked.

It was good.

I love my friends, both the ones IRL and Online. And blogging has opened up the world to even more people with whom I can interact, learn from, and be blessed by.

Several things got me thinking about these electronic opportunities to touch lives, but the most powerful was something that ended up in my Other Posts of Note yesterday: Yet another fantastic post by Mary Grace (at least, I thought so).

Call me overly sentimental, emotional, sappy, or whatever, but I feel like giving you-all a great big internet hug:

<big hug>

Thanks for being my friend, and I am honored to be counted among yours.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

Disclaimer: If you do not like virtual hugs or do not want me as a friend and so would rather keep your distance, please disregard this post. <smile>

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