Eager Beavers

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Since we have to watch the exchange rate with the dollar quite closely, we decided to jump in and get next year's K curriculum in advance since the rate was quite good for us in May! And this year we got TWO boxes!! Oh the excitement. The boxes came while we were on our way to choir practice and I almost turned the car around when my Mom called to say the boxes had arrived. I just told Isabel there was a surprise waiting at home when we were on our way back.

The sight on her face was too precious. Quickly the first box was opened and slowly she started unpacking the most amazing story books! And then came the science and biology books (which she adores!). I had a quick peek into the science boxes but thought we'd wait until next year to show her the things we are going use for our experiments. Need to leave a few surprises!

Box Day

Only after I had a chance to show everyone all the amazing books and materials, was the latter carefully put away in one of the boxes to be stored safely (I hope!). The books have been placed in a special spot on a bookshelf. I actually started reading A Hundred Dresses yesterday and was sorry to be interrupted because I haven't finished it yet! Today, lunch time, I'm going to do it!

Thank you Sonlight for making schooling an absolute pleasure! I'm a little bit daunted by the size of the parent's guide, but I know not to worry!

Kind regards
The G. Family
(Jhb, South Africa)

PS: Three weeks later they're STILL playing with the castle box!

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