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Sonlight is all about great books and exciting stories. As we enter the summer season, what new chapters will you add to your family's story? Wherever your adventures take you, we trust you'll enjoy your time together.

See what's happening at Sonlight in the upcoming weeks. Don't miss out on these opportunities!

Products, Events & Reminders

email-juneannouncement-2015-06-02-1-summerreaders2Got Summer Readers?

If they've never experienced Summer Readers, your children are in for a delightful surprise. Sarita and Jonelle have once again handpicked a selection of sizzling summertime stories that aren't included in any of our curriculum packages. As always, these books must first pass the Sonlight 7-point All-Star test. Gender-specific packages are available for your elementary, middle and high schoolers.

If you're the plan-ahead type, consider picking up an extra package or two for birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions. Everyone loves Summer Readers - nieces, nephews, neighbors ...

Order Summer Readers.

email-juneannouncement-2015-06-02-2-photocontestSonlight 2016 photo contest begins

Picture this: You and your brood, lovin' learnin' together ... on the cover of the 2016 Sonlight catalog. It's really pretty cool. If you win, we'll even frame it for you. And don't forget the $500 Sonlight gift certificate, not to mention 365 days of bragging rights.

Second ($250 gift certificate) and third place ($100 gift certificate) prizes are also available. Plus, we've got room for scores of family photos in our catalog and ongoing marketing materials. Wouldn't it be fun to see your family in an ad?

Check out the contest rules (basically, show and tell us how your family Sonlights). Summer is fleeting and the kids are growing up fast, so hit us with your best shot(s) before Aug. 31.

Learn how you can snap and submit a winning photo.

email-juneannouncement-2015-06-02-4-lifeoffred2Life of Fred joins Sonlight math offerings

Whoever said "math is hard" or "math is boring" likely never encountered the Life of Fred series. With titles like Life of Fred: Dog and Life of Fred: Ice Cream, the story-based program is perhaps the funniest (and dare we say funnest?) approach to math you'll find. This may be just what you're looking for to supplement and bring your students' math skills up to speed, and make a positive addition to their studies.

Learn more about Life of Fred.

email-juneannouncement-2015-06-02-5-webinar2June 23: Sonlight Conversations webinar - What Makes a Great Education?

What constitutes a complete education? How can you be sure to teach your children everything they need to know? Grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this in-the-know webinar, the first in the Sonlight Conversations series, featuring Sonlight founder, Sarita Holzmann; Sonlight mom/social media maven, Laura Lee Ellis; and special guest, Cathy Duffy, of

Register now for the webinar.

email-juneannouncement-2015-06-02-6-m2mEnds June 25: Mom-to-Mom Curriculum Giveaway

If you don't want to win a free year of Sonlight curriculum, then skip this. If you do, then make sure to register soon, because we're giving it away in just a few weeks now. Did we mention that if you win, one of your friends will win a curriculum too? But only if you BOTH register. You first (and then give her your personal referral link). Someone's gonna win - might as well be YOU!

Register now for free curriculum.

email-juneannouncement-2015-06-02-3-rosettastone2Learn a new language naturally, with Rosetta Stone

Ever heard of "dynamic immersion"? It's just a fancy way of saying, "Rosetta Stone makes it easy to learn a new language." So while you're sailing the seven seas, sitting around a campfire or just lounging in the living room, why not pick up a little Spanish (or German or Italian or ...)? Act now to get in on the Rosetta Stone pre-summer sales special.

Prices effective through June 13:

  • Level 1, regularly $159, SALE: $129 ($30 off)
  • Level 1-2 Set, regularly $279, SALE: $179 ($100 off)
  • Level 1-3 Set, regularly $379, SALE: $189 (50% off)
  • Level 1-5 Set, regularly $479, SALE: $239 (50% off)

See what languages are available.

email-juneannouncement-2015-06-02-7-aquariumJune 26: Sonlight 25th anniversary celebration

Did you miss the RSVP date? No worries! If you'll be in the Denver area on June 26, stop by and say hello. Admission is free, so grab a piece of cake and get your face painted (or not). If you're in the mood to continue the party, stay and explore the Downtown Aquarium (additional cost).

Check out the upcoming celebration.

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