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How's your summer going? Here at Sonlight, we're busy helping scores of families around the globe get ready to start schooling. We'd like to help you have your best year ever. Following are some highlights of current Sonlight opportunities for your family.

Products, Events & Reminders

It's that time: Back to Homeschool

If you've not yet made a curriculum decision, perhaps we can help. We typically recommend our Full-Grade Packages because they have everything you need to teach your child for the year – all subjects, required books and our mom-approved Instructor's Guides, too. Every package is based on 25 years of development and customer feedback, so you get the best-of-the-best educational materials available. You also receive our deepest discount – up to 15% off items purchased individually.

Easy to choose, easy to use! Find your Full-Grade Package.

P.S. Does your child lag in some areas and excel at others? We've recently made it possible for you to personalize your package.

Personalize your program to match your child's abilities

Did you know that you can build your own Sonlight Full-Grade Package that meets your children's unique abilities in different areas? Curriculum Builder lets you switch out a subject and substitute a different skill level or program to better fit your learner's needs. Want a different science or math or handwriting program? Mix-and match to create the just-right curriculum for your learners.

Simply choose the package you want, click on "personalize your Full-Grade Package," add, and order the program you just created. Imagine how smoothly your days will go and how well-supported your children will be in every subject area with curriculum meets them right where they are.

Learn how a personalized package can work for you.

Choose your curriculum now.

$1,246,500 and counting … we want to pay for your children's college, too

It's never too early to start planning for their future. Sonlight will help you get there. Every year, we sponsor a competition for 13 scholarships. We've awarded $1,246,500 to date! Who can win? Any student who studies with Sonlight is eligible. And since we know there are different kinds of "smarts," we award money in two different arenas ("blue" and "green").

Check out the scholarship requirements and make a plan to set your kids up for success.

Love to Learn Around the World ends Aug. 15

Would you like to help send boys and girls to Children's Bible Club? Teach a mom or dad how to read? You can, and it won't cost you anything extra. When you make a Sonlight purchase of any amount by Aug. 15, we'll donate a portion of your order proceeds to Mission India and spread the Love to Learn Around the World.

On behalf of those families whose lives will be forever changed, thanks so much for caring and sharing!

The new Sonlight Store is open for business

Sometimes you just want to run into the store, grab a few items and be on your way. We're not Mini Mart, but we've added an easy-access space that lets you do just that. Visit the Sonlight Store to see new items, learn about current specials, pick up a gift certificate and more.

This is the grand opening, but we'll be continually adding items of interest over time. Stop by and pick up a gallon of milk package of Summer Readers!

Picture this: Your family on the 2016 Sonlight catalog cover

We're looking for a new (catalog) cover family. It's not hard to strut your stuff and seize the opportunity: 1) Snap a picture of your kids Sonlighting together. 2) Tell us what they (and you) enjoy about the experience. If you win, we'll frame your cover photo and give you a $500 gift certificate, too.

Sonlight Tote Bag

The photo contest ends Aug. 31. Check out the available prizes and get some insider tips, too.

Bonus: We'll draw 25 random winners from all photos submitted for a limited-edition 25th anniversary Sonlight tote filled with a trio of delightful books.

Put this on their transcript: new upper-level courses

World History for high schoolers

World History for high Schoolers

We're excited to introduce World History, the latest offering, created for your 17- and 18-year-old (and advanced 16-year-old) students. We created the course to fulfill the high school history requirement for most states.

The World History and Worldview Studies part of the course explores the rise and fall of influential ideas and philosophies through the ages. The World Literature with Language Arts portion takes your student back 4,000 years, with noteworthy classics from around the world (The Odyssey, King Lear, Don Quixote and more).

World History is available in a convenient all-subjects Full-Grade Package OR as a stand-alone Core Package.

Advanced Apologetics college prep course

Why do I believe what I do? How can I stand strong in the face of worldly opposition? Is it possible to communicate my beliefs to others with humility and respect?

Advanced Apologetics college prep course

Advanced Apologetics: Defending Christianity in the 21st Century, an 18-week elective, will help your teens gain a sure footing in their faith before heading out into the world. They'll explore their own convictions, along with the arguments of skeptics, atheists and those of other faiths. This compelling course is recommended for high school juniors and seniors.

The Beam is da bomb for homeschool moms

Did we hear you say, "Beam me up, Sonlight"? If not, we'd like to. As part of the Sonlight family, you'll never be alone. The Beam is our online bi-weekly newsletter, filled with tips, encouragement, forum conversations and an inspirational word from Sonlight founder, Sarita Holzmann.

Subscribe to the Beam and get ready to soak up some helpful homeschool community.

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