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It’s a Wrap!

This is our first box day and first time homeschooling. Our boys have previously attended the local public school but were not happy there. After much prayer and discussion, we decided to start homeschooling this year using Sonlight. Opening the … Continue reading

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First Year for a Sonlight Full Package

My son, David (4 ys old), is too excited about his new books to have a nap today. So, I allowed him to assemble the Instructor's Guide with me. My eager and excited helper My daughter, Lisa (2 ys old), … Continue reading

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Haul It, Open It, Read It, Stack It!!

Ka-thunk! Ka-thunk! Ka-thunk! The startling noises from the front porch caused the P Family to race down the stairs and gather in the foyer. As the mom and two sisters cautiously opened the front door, they spied not one, not … Continue reading

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Sonlight brings the PARTY to BOX DAY

We just had our family's second box day and made it even bigger than last year! We partied hard this year and had a great time! The kids LOVE box day! We try to make it a big and exciting … Continue reading

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Box Day!!

We love books in our house, the kids even play "Library" during rest time. So while Nathanael and Ellyana were still napping we opened our box of books and dug in. I don't even know who was more excited the … Continue reading

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Box Day Castle

We recently moved to Uganda (hence the many boxes) and are half way through our first year of Sonlight which we love. We took some photos today of the Sonlight box as the capstone of a castle as well as … Continue reading

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1st Day of Kindergarten!

Our little guy is so excited to read the books about history, work on the science projects with his Daddy, & learn mathematics and language arts with me. Thank you, Sonlight, for having all the lesson plans organized for parents. … Continue reading

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