Catalog Proofs!

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The catalog proofs arrived today.

Here's some of the team looking them over:

Catalog Proofs

They look amazing--though I haven't had any time too really look at them yet.

And sometimes, just sometimes, Tim gets a little over-excited:

Check that out!

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Expectant Father

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  1. Hunybee

    ACK! The torture continues. I am being patient....

  2. Leslie! Eyes hurting!!!

  3. Jamie Jo

    Nope, zooming in just made it turn blurry.

  4. Heather the Mama Duk

    LOL I love the Sonlight catalog!

  5. Julie

    Why does everyone look so lost and confused...other than Tim(?) who looks like he's jacked up on Frappacinos or something!! :)

  6. Luke

    Hunybee, at least this is fun torture... right? <smile>

    Leslie, zooming? I'll see what I can do... <smirk>

    Jamie, I've got a trick up my sleeve coming soon... <Bwahahaha ha!>

    Heather, so do we!

    Julie, well, Tim always look jacked up on something when we use him for these kinds of things <smile>. Everyone else is just working really, really hard.

    Thanks for sharing your excitement here!


  7. Miss Jocelyn

    LOL How funny. :)

  8. Neely

    Ooooh I can't wait to see the pic of my girls in it! What page are they on? How big is the picture? Ahhh I can wait. I can wait. lol
    It must be a lot of work putting the catalog together. Good work guys!

  9. Luke

    Miss Jocelyn, glad you got a giggle. That is the goal here <smile>.

    Neely, I can't comment on any pictures or pages... mostly because I don't know <laughing>. Be sure to blog about it when you find it though, and I'll come by and cheer with you <smile>.

    It is a lot of work to put the catalog together. There are a ton of people involved and it looks like they did an incredible job this year (from the little that I've seen).