Can't I Just Read Them Now?

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We have a junkie in our family. Yes, I admit it, our 7 yo DS [Dear Son] is a Sonlight junkie.

This autumn will begin our 5th year with Sonlight. We started with Preschool and are, still, total SL'ers!

In our home, Box Day can be a real bear. It isn't a 'day' but rather a 'week'.

Due to obligations, I set aside small blocks of time over several days for our check-in/prep process for the following school year. During this time I literally have to 'monitor' our kiddo as he 'sneaks' books from the stacks and 'smuggles' them into the other room to look at/read. If he thought he could, he would sit down and read every single book as fast as possible without stopping! (Okay, pausing, maybe, for food & bathroom breaks — he is a growing boy! The feeding of a young boy being another subject all together…).

Our son actually taught himself to read the summer between his Kindergarten and First Grade years. (DH [Dear Husband] and I started reading to him when we brought him home from the hospital.) When he was small and I would finish our days' SL reading, he would beg, "Rea' mo' peas!" The reader our DS has become is because the Sonlight books made him 'hungry' to learn to read more at an earlier age. We are so grateful to have found Sonlight!

A few weeks ago, I was telling him that we have several year's worth of books and we could sell some to buy 'new to us' books. His eyes started brimming with tears just at the thought of being without his 'favorite' reading books — he loves re-reading SL books!

Needless to say, if Sonlight ever starts selling bookcases, we will definitely be major investors! ;)

-Marla M.

P.S. I can honestly say that without Sonlight, I never would have started homeschooling. College degrees in business management & behavioral science were far from a degree in education! (In other words, "What's a lesson plan and how do I write one???")

After doing just two weeks of internet research, I was quickly overwhelmed with all of the curriculum options available for every subject under the sun. I had no idea where to begin.

After a prayer of desperation one morning, the Lord reminded of a friend's homeschooling mother. While on the phone with her, I took an entire legal pad’s worth of brief-handed notes regarding HS’g options at different grade levels! One of the options she mentioned was Sonlight.

Following our closing prayer, I just kept sensing the Lord whispering, "Check out Sonlight," to me over the coming days. After a week of 'avoidance', I followed though. Wow! The answer to prayer! The deeper I dug into Sonlight curriculum, the more enthusiastic I became. I had a checklist of what I believed our curriculum should include. Sonlight filled every checkbox on the list, and more.

Our son adores science and math and I believe that comes from SL. I hated school but am getting a second chance now. Thank you for making school and learning fun for both mom & kiddo.

So many moms have asked me how my son came to teach himself to read. My answer is always, "Sonlight!"

We love Sonlight!

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