Box for Tot!

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We had our first ever box day this year. My little girl (Mikayla) is only 2 1/2 but she loves books so I thought I would get a head start and order Core P3/4 for her.

Mikayla and Her New Books

She has such fun unpacking all the books and just wanted to look at all of them!

Enjoying the Beauty of Stories

Lianne M.

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  1. Riëtte Gasser

    Yay!!! That's my best friend joining me on the most exciting adventure EVER of homeschooling. With you buddy!!

  2. Lianne, It is the greatest feeling! I think Madigan was more excited about her Sonlight box last year than Christmas...imagine my delight! It was our first year with Sonlight, we got the 4/5. Unfortunately this year we just can not afford the K core....I am still debating what I will do for Kindergarten with her. Thank you for sharing your pictures it brought back wonderful feelings and you inspired me to go look at our box pictures from last year ***sigh! We LOVE SONLIGHT!!
    In His Hands,

  3. Love it! Seriously, getting your little ones into good books early is the best start you can give them in life! Mine is now 8, doing Sonlight for 3 rd grade... and she loves books. Go for it! You can do it!

  4. Bia

    How exciting! P 3/4 has been one of my kids' (all 4 of them, even my 10 yo's) all time favourite! The Harper Collins collection above all. That huge book has been dragged through the house, and we've read all the stories over and over and over again. My 4 yo knows many of the stories by heart.
    Enjoy your adventure!