Box Day 2015

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After a lot of research and several conversations with my friend, Kari, who has been beyond helpful in planning our upcoming school year, I finally decided what to order. Once the order was placed I literally stalked the tracking websites and my front door, just in case the website was delayed and they delivered before the website could catch up.

We took a "before shot" and then I let them dig in while I took pictures.

Before opening the Sonlight boxes
The "Before" Shot

After the paper war had run its course, I sent them all to rest time and I took a few pictures of the aftermath, and then a few of the books stacked up. Box Day is so exciting and I am already having to work hard to keep Carson from reading these.

Sonlight Box Day excitement
Looking Through the New Books

Read the rest of Jennifer's Box Day story, and see more great photos over on her blog:

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