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I currently used Blogger to power Sonlight's blog. I like it because it's tied to my Google Account and allows me to connect with others with the same. But there are some things that irk me, especially since this is a corporate blog for Sonlight. I need certain features and tools that simply are not available yet (and may never be).

Today was the search for a mobile publishing/delivery tool for Sonlight's blog. Smartphones with full browsers built in do just fine on this site. If you set up your smartphone to read my RSS, you're gold. But if your smartphone does not have a full browser and is not set to read this blog via RSS... well... then things start to break down. And I need to change that.

Enter my Mobile Site hack. Ideally, when your smartphone loads this blog, you will be presented with the above link. That's the idea. I can't test it because my phone is, well, not as smart.

Luke's Phone

If you have a smartphone, would you mind directing it to and, if it's there, clicking on the Mobile Site link? After that, please swing back here and tell me how it went.

Because at the moment, I have no idea if it works.


I hope to find a more permanent solution someday, but for now this will have to do.

 ~Luke Holzmann
Filmmaker, Writer, Surrogate Father

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