And away we go!

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The long awaited box day has arrived and we couldn't be happier. Grandparents came to share in the fun because frankly they wanted to see what I've been yammering about for the past few months!

Waiting to Open the Boxes

We had one box Wednesday and one box Thursday. It was awful waiting until the last box but we did and we dove right in!

"OOOH, we got movies too." (It's the Mathtacular and the Science DVDs) 

Owen isn't wasting any time either...

Owen can't get over how many books there are!

Why'd we get a ping pong ball???

Had to rest a minute, Mommy, I'm excited.

Ian discovered Miquon Math....

And this is what he did for the next to the side doing math!

But Daddy lured him back with more books


Castle Time

And then it was castle time as Mommy checked off the list. Whoever thought up the castle on the inside of the box was a smart person!!!

Ian's castle needed decorating

Then it was time to get in it.

This is our loot!!!

I have no more doubts that we have made the right choice with Sonlight. We are all excited and impressed. I cannot wait to get some down time to go through it all and take it in. We have a daunting task ahead of us, a 4 year old and 6 year old doing the same core, but we are well prepared! Thanks for making the books and all the materials so inviting and interesting.

-Jessica B.

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