12 Days of Christmas: Buy Tools Not Toys

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Have you ever had that sinking feeling?

That sinking feeling that comes from opening a gift that either doesn't fit your family culture, or that seems cool enough in the moment, but you know will not last? A gift that you know has poor construction and, thus, quick destruction? Or maybe seen the flashiness of a popular product that is more packaging than substance?

I know I have.

As a parent, living in a house with limited square feet, my hope with gift-giving each year is to give gifts with value, both for my nuclear and my extended family.

Ideally, I want each person to have some fun, entertaining gifts, and some more educational or practical gifts. I want gifts that will be thoroughly enjoyed both on Christmas Day and in the weeks and months to come. To use Jill Evely's words, I want to buy tools, not toys.

In this 12 Days of Christmas email series, I will highlight tools, not toys. And, if you have purchased a History / Bible / Literature, or a Full-Grade Package, you can get all of these products for 10% off and pay no shipping fees.

Need to buy for some relatives? Grandparents looking for appealing options for you? I look forward to sharing some of my favorite things from the back of the Sonlight catalog.

I invite you to explore your possibilities in Christmas gift-giving this year, with gifts whose appeal extends into the weeks and months to come.


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Amy Lykosh
John and Sarita's oldest daughter
Second-generation Sonlighter
Homeschooling mom to five

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